Security Alerts
  • Email Change
  • Home Banking locked
  • New Card
  • Name/Address Change
  • Home Banking Password Changed
  • Home Banking Login Failure
  • Phone Number Changed
  • Reminder Alert
Share Alerts
  • Transaction Description
  • Withdrawal Transaction ($)
  • Deposit Transaction ($)
  • Minimum Balance ($)
  • Maximum Balance ($)
  • Daily Balance (Time)
Loan Alerts
  • Balance Change ($)
  • Payment Due (Days Before)
  • Payment Past Due (Days After)
  • Interest Rate Change
  • Transaction Description
How do members sign up for eAlerts?
  • Netteller - Members can find eAlerts under the "Services" tab.
    • Click on "Services" tab
    • Click continue button to the right of "Alerts"
    • Click Enroll
    • Update Contact Information and Click Submit
    • After submitting your contact information, you will then be able to update/add your alert settings.
      • If starting new, Click Add Alert to begin.
  • In Person - Members can stop into a branch and have a LFCU representative help them set up eAlerts on their account.
If you have any account questions, please contact us during normal business hours.

By email: lebfcu@lebanonfcu.org

By phone: 717-272-2210 option 3 to speak to a Member Service Representative.

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