Koalaty Kids Klub

For children ages 10 and under, the Koalaty Savers Klub is a savings program designed to teach our young members the value of saving money, earning interest, and being financially aware.  It requires only $5.00 to open.  The Koalaty Savers Klub encourages savings by providing the children prize incentives.  At $100, $250, and $500, children have their choice of a:

  • Stuffed Koalaty Klub Bear
  • LFCU Piggy Bank
  • Stuffed Dog named "Roots"
  • Koalaty Klub T-Shirt
  • & Other select prizes!

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If you have any account questions, please contact us during normal business hours.

By email: lebfcu@lebanonfcu.org

By phone: 717-272-2210 option 3 to speak to a Member Service Representative.