Medical Repair Coverage

What is Mechanical Repair Coverage?

MEMBER’S CHOICE® Mechanical Repair Coverage (MRC) is a high-quality,comprehensive Vehicle Service Contract that covers the costs of covered repairs for new or used eligible vehicles, after the initial manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

Why would I want to consider purchasing MRC?

•Repairs can be expensive: The average cost for a major repair, like an engine, could be around $8,900.
•Vehicle age: As your vehicle gets older, the risk and cost of repairs increases.
•Unexpected breakdowns: These events can negatively impact your family’s budget. MRC helps reduce the cost of unexpected breakdowns.
•May increase your resale value:If you decide to sell your covered vehicle privately, you can transfer the coverage to the new owner.
•Lock in repair costs:By purchasing MRC now, you lock in the cost of future repairs plus your selected deductible, for all covered repairs.

Why would I want to purchase MRC now on my new car. Wouldn't I just wait until the manufacturer's warranty expires?

By waiting to purchase coverage, the cost to purchase MRC will be higher due to the age and mileage on the vehicle. In addition, the original manufacturer’s warranty may not of fer all the additional benefits that come with MRC, like roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement or travel expense reimbursement.

Additional Information

While it seems like you would be double-covered if you purchased MRC now, the advantages of not waiting until your factory warranty expires are:
  1. It may cost less today (in some instances much less) than purchasing later when your vehicle is older and has more miles on it.
  2. Instead of worrying about how to come up with the money to pay for MRC later, you can include MRC in the auto loan you are taking out with us now.
  3. You won’t have to worry about remembering when your factory warranty expires; you will have a smooth transition of coverage right from your manufacturer’s warranty into MRC.
  4. You will have some additional benefits available to you even while your manufacturer’s warranty is active.

Can a co-borrower be added to the contract

Yes, borrowers and co-borrowers can be listed on the contract

When can I purchase MRC for my vehicle?

You can purchase MRC at any time, as long as the vehicle is 15 model years or newer, has 150,000 miles or less on the odometer, and meets other basic eligibility requirements. It does not need to be under the original manufacturer’s warranty period.

What kinds of refunds are available if I cancel coverage?

It depends on the number of days since the purchase date of the contract and if any claims have been paid.

I purchased MRC through Forevercar and I have questions about how coverage works. Who should I call?

You can call Forevercar at 844.392.4797 M-F 8am –9pm CST and Saturday 8am - 12pm CST. The agents will be able to properly direct calls and answer credit union and member questions.

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