Remote Deposit Capture

RDC is a great tool located on our mobile app. It is labeled "Mobile Capture” within the app. Members will be able to use their Apple/Android devices to take a picture of their checks to process for deposit. If you need help setting up mobile banking please call us at: 717-272-2210.


Visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and download today!

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How do I make a deposit?

Step 1. Log into the LFCU Mobile App
Step 2. Tap the Mobile Deposit tab.
Step 3. Choose account for deposit, and type in the amount for deposit.
Step 4. Take a photo of both the front and back of the check. (Make sure the check is properly endorsed on the back)
Step 5. Submit Check (this may take a few minutes)

How do I endorse the back of the check?

Remember to restrictively endorse the back of your check before you take the picture and submit the check.

  •  Restrictive Endorsement means:
    • Checking off the box on the back of the check notating that this is a mobile deposit. (new feature on checks)
    • Signing the check “For LFCU Mobile Deposit Only” along with your signature on the back of the check.
    • LFCU intends to enforce the Restrictive Endorsement Requirement beginning July 1, 2018.
    • LFCU will reject checks lacking a restrictive endorsement after this date.

How soon is my deposit available to use?

o $200.01 and above will need to be manually reviewed, and holds placed accordingly

Which shares am I allowed to deposit to?

o Primary Savings/Business Primary Savings
o Secondary Savings
o Holiday/Vacation Club
o Checking/Business Checking
o Money Market

Is there a cut-off time for me to take pictures of my checks?

o Any checks taken after 3:00pm will only be processed the following business day (unless under $200.00).


Are there any limits in how many checks/dollar amount I can deposit in one day?

o Total # of checks allowed per day = 10
o Total $ amount allowed per check = $2,500.00
o Total $ amount allowed per day = $5,000.00

What phones can I use to scan with?

o iPhones with a camera OS 4.3 and newer
o iPods with a camera OS 4.3 and newer
o iPad 3 & 4
o Any Android with a camera

How will I know my check was accepted?

o Review your transaction history for the deposit.
o Click on the ‘History’ button under ‘Mobile Deposit’.