Simplify & Save

It is the perfect time to "Simplify & Save" before the holiday season by taking advantage of LFCU's VISA® Credit Card Promotion!

Simplify your debt and consolidate your credit card or loan balances on one of LFCU's VISA® Credit Cards. Learn more about LFCU's VISA® Balance Transfer Program and Credit Card options below.

Save money by paying a lower interest rate than most other corporate credit cards or loans.

From October 1, 2019 until December 1, 2019, LFCU will be running a raffle for a special member to win a $250 LFCU VISA® Gift Card - just in time for Holiday Shopping!

To be eligible to win the $250 LFCU VISA® Gift Card, person must be a member of Lebanon Federal Credit Union and apply for one of LFCU's VISA® Credit Cards during the promotional period. If member already has a LFCU VISA® Credit Card, member may still be eligible by participating in LFCU's VISA® Balance Transfer Program. One entry per member. Certain conditions and restrictions may apply.

Winner will be announced Monday, December 2nd. Winner will be contacted directly by an LFCU representative.

Why choose a VISA® Credit Card from LFCU?

Credit Card Options

LFCU Offers a variety of types of VISA® Credit Cards to better meet the needs of our members.

  • VISA® Classic Credit Card
  • VISA® Platinum Credit Card
  • VISA®  Secured Credit Card

Competitive Rates

LFCU offers a FIXED¹ rate on all of the LFCU VISA®  Credit Cards.

  • Rates as low as 9.40% APR*
  • Rates as high as 17.90% APR*

*All rates and terms are subject to change and some restrictions may apply.


Ability to earn Extra Awards® with LFCU's VISA® Platinum Credit Card. Earn one point for every dollar spent. Rewards include:

  • Gift Cards
  • Travel
  • Cash Back

Local Supporting Local

By choosing LFCU for your banking needs you are also helping LFCU better provide great rates and services for the membership and the community.

How to Apply

  • Sign into your account using NetTeller Online Mobile Banking
  • Click on the"Services" tab along the top navigation bar
  • Click "continue" next to the Loan Application Service
  • Select "VISA Credit Card" from the Loan Type Selection
  • Fill out your desired Loan Amount
    • Minimum for VISA® Platinum Credit Card is $5,000
    • Minimum for VISA® Classic Credit Card is $500
  • Click "Apply for Loan"


Apply in person at one of LFCU's four branches. See list of LFCU branch locations at the bottom of the webpage.

Benefits of LFCU's VISA® Balance Transfer Program

One Monthly Payment

Consolidate debt into one loan

  • One loan means only one payment instead of multiple payments

0% APR*

0% APR* for 365 days!

  • 3% fee is assessed at time of balance transfer
  • More of your monthly payment will go towards reducing your credit card balance, instead of towards interest.

See bottom of page for Balance Transfer details.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind knowing LFCU offers Fixed¹ Rate Visa Credit Cards

  • After promotional period your card reverts to rate approved at time of loan opening. As low as 9.40% APR* and as high as 11.70& APR*
  • The approved rate will not change during the life of the loan.


  • Ability to make payments on your LFCU VISA® Credit Cards a variety of ways
    • Transfer from your LFCU Shares via NetTeller/ Mobile App
    • Telephone
    • In-Branch

Balance Transfer Process

  • Fill out the Balance Transfer Form with all the required information
  • Bring form with you to any of our four convenient branch locations!

*The 0.00% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on Balance Transfers is eligible on LFCU Classic and Platinum VISA® Credit Cards. There will be a 3% balance transfer fee at the time of each balance transfer during the 365 day promotional period starting after the first balance transfer date.  Balance transfer(s) will revert, after 365 days from date of first balance transfer, to the rate approved at time of application. Current rates range from 9.40% APR to 17.90% APR. The 365 days after first time of balance transfer posting will be considered the promotional period. After the expiration of your promotional rate, the remaining unpaid portion of all balance transfer(s) processed during the promotional period will be subject to your normal APR as outlined on your monthly statement based on the specific LFCU VISA®Credit Card selected. The total amount of outstanding transfer requests cannot total more than your available credit.  Any new purchases will be charged at current rates per Cardholder Agreement & Disclosure. Any payment received on your Visa will be applied first to the highest rate balances. Other restrictions or conditions may apply. You may not pay off any of your current LFCU loans or lines of credit by using this balance transfer option. Offer expires December 31, 2019. LFCU is an Equal Opportunity Lender.

¹Fixed rate: Approved rate will not change during the life of the loan.
*APR: Annual Percentage Rate.