smsGuardian will be discontinuing on April 27th. LFCU will be using MyCardRules in place of this service.
Learn more about MyCardRules Here!

  1. What is smsGuardian?
    •  An anti-fraud text alert notification system for debit and credit cards.
    • Sends transaction alerts directly to a cardholder’s mobile phone or other SMS-enabled device.
  2. What happens when the cardholder responds to the text?
    • If fraud: information is immediately routed to a Fraud Analyst for card blocking and follow-up, reducing the time window in which subsequent unauthorized transactions could take place.
    • If not fraud: no response is necessary from the cardholder.
  3. Who decides what transactions trigger the text message alert?

     LFCU chose what type of transactions to trigger a text message alert. They are:

      • International Authorizations
      • Authorizations Greater than $300.00
      • Six (6) or More Transactions in 24 hrs
      • Card Not Present Authorizations
  4. Will all LFCU cardholders be enrolled automatically in this service?

    No. smsGuardian is being offered as an optional service to our cardholders.

  5. How do LFCU cardholders sign-up?

    o Cardholders can choose to participate by enrolling their mobile numbers (up to 10) in a secure website. Enroll in smsGuardian. 
    o Cardholders will need to verify their DOB, last four digits of their SSN, and Expiration Date of their card.
    o Cardholders can control their respective time zone and “Do Not Disturb” times where messages are queued and sent outside the quiet period.
    o This service is available for the following carriers listed HERE.
    o Message and Data Rates May Apply.

  6. How do LFCU cardholders discontinue the service?
    • Texting the word STOP to 27576 or by replying STOP in reply to a smsGuardian Alert.
    • Visiting the smsGuardian website.
  7. You need additional help? Who do you contact?
    • Text the word HELP to 27576 or reply to an Alert message with the word HELP.
    • Click on the “Service Usage Guide” link on the smsGuardian website, once you have enrolled.
    • Call (888) 868-8611.