What is smsGuardian?
o An anti-fraud text alert notification system for debit and credit cards.
o Sends transaction alerts directly to a cardholder’s mobile phone or other SMS-enabled device.

What happens when the cardholder responds to the text?
o If fraud: information is immediately routed to a Fraud Analyst for card blocking and follow-up, reducing the time window in which subsequent unauthorized transactions could take place.
o If not fraud: no response is necessary from the cardholder.

Who decides what transactions trigger the text message alert?
 LFCU chose what type of transactions to trigger a text message alert. They are:

  • International Authorizations
  • Authorizations Greater than $300.00
  • Six (6) or More Transactions in 24 hrs
  • Card Not Present Authorizations

Will all LFCU cardholders be enrolled automatically in this service?
o No. smsGuardian is being offered as an optional service to our cardholders.

How do LFCU cardholders sign-up?
o Cardholders can choose to participate by enrolling their mobile numbers (up to 10) in a secure website. Enroll in smsGuardian. 
o Cardholders will need to verify their DOB, last four digits of their SSN, and Expiration Date of their card.
o Cardholders can control their respective time zone and “Do Not Disturb” times where messages are queued and sent outside the quiet period.
o This service is available for the following carriers listed HERE.
o Message and Data Rates May Apply.

How do LFCU cardholders discontinue the service?
o Texting the word STOP to 27576 or by replying STOP in reply to a smsGuardian Alert.
o Visiting the smsGuardian website.

You need additional help? Who do you contact?
o Text the word HELP to 27576 or reply to an Alert message with the word HELP.
o Click on the “Service Usage Guide” link on the smsGuardian website, once you have enrolled.
o Call (888) 868-8611.