Koalaty Savings Account

The Koalaty Savers Account encourages savings by providing the children with prize incentives.

For children ages 10 and under, the Koalaty Savings Account is a savings program designed to teach our young members the value of saving money, earning interest, and being financially aware.  It requires only $5.00 to open.  The Koalaty Saving Account encourages savings by providing the children prize incentives.

Prize Incentives

At $100, $250, and $500, children have their choice of a:
  • Stuffed Koalaty Bear
  • LFCU Piggy Bank
  • Stuffed Dog named “Roots”
  • Koalaty T-Shirt
  • Other select prizes


If you have any questions, please contact us during normal business hours.

Your privacy and information are our priority at LFCU. We advise children to obtain parental consent before visiting the Koalaty Savings Account website or sharing any information requested during their visit. Our policy ensures that no personal information entered on the Koalaty Savings Account website is retained. Any data requested is solely for entertainment and not mandatory for site participation. Rest assured, any information provided is neither stored nor shared by LFCU or its affiliates.

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