Wire Transfers

Lebanon Federal’s wire transfer service allows you to receive and send domestic and international wire transfers to and from your LFCU accounts.

Incoming wire transfers are received by LFCU and then forwarded to your account based on the incoming wiring instructions.  Use the wiring instructions below when completing a wire transfer to move funds to your LFCU account.  Wire transfer inquiries may be made by calling 717-272-2210.

Incoming Wire Instructions
Receiving Institution: Vizo Financial
1201 Fulling Mill Road
Middletown, PA 17057
Routing (ABA) # 231387550
Further Credit: Lebanon Federal Credit Union
120 S 16th St.
Lebanon, PA 17042
Routing (ABA) # 231381938
Final Credit Information: Account Type (i.e. Checking Account, Savings Account)
Account number to be credited
Amount of Wire
Name on Account
Receiver’s Address
Receivers’ Phone Number
Note: Lebanon Federal CU does not charge a fee for incoming wire transfers.  Please contact the financial institution processing the outgoing wire transfer to learn if they will charge you a fee.

LFCU’s’ Wire Transfer Service allows you to send money from your LFCU accounts to non-LFCU accounts in the United States or internationally.  Wire transfers are great for one-time transactions – if you are closing on a home or need to wire money to friends or relatives.  You can request an outgoing domestic and international wire transfer visit your nearest branch and complete the Wire Transfer Form at the branch.

Wire transfers can be requested on business days, Monday through Friday, excluding observed holidays.


If you have any questions, please contact us during normal business hours.

Email: lebfcu@lebanonfcu.org
Phone: (717) 272-2210 | Option 5

Attention: Our walk-up ATM at Schneider Dr. will be unavailable this Sunday, June 16th. Thank you for your cooperation.