What are eAlerts?

eAlerts allow our members to sign up for alerts (via SMS text message or e-mail) regarding their accounts.
Alerts get sent out daily, on a half hour basis from 6:00 am – 11:30 pm 

Security Alerts

  • Email Change
  • Home Banking locked
  • New Card
  • Name/Address Change
  • Home Banking Password Changed
  • Home Banking Login Failure
  • Phone Number Changed
  • Reminder Alert

Share Alerts

  • Transaction Description
  • Withdrawal Transaction ($)
  • Deposit Transaction ($)
  • Minimum Balance ($)
  • Maximum Balance ($)
  • Daily Balance (Time)

Loan Alerts

  • Balance Change ($)
  • Payment Due (Days Before)
  • Payment Past Due (Days After)
  • Interest Rate Change
  • Transaction Description

How do members sign up for eAlerts?

  • Netteller – Members can find eAlerts under the “Services” tab.
  • Click on “Services” tab
  • Click continue button to the right of “Alerts”
  • Update Contact Information and Click Submit
  • After submitting your contact information, you will then be able to update/add your alert settings.
  • If starting new, Click Add Alert to begin.
  • In Person – Members can stop into a branch and have a LFCU representative help them set up eAlerts on their account.


If you have any questions, please contact us during normal business hours.

Email: lebfcu@lebanonfcu.org
Phone: (717) 272-2210 | Option 2

Beginning December 5th, there will be enhancements to LFCU's call attendant system. Please pay close attention, as there have been changes to the available options. Refer to the updated options for more details.