How to Estimate and Cut Down Costs for Accurate Financial Projections Small Business Edition

As a small business owner, your finances are likely top of mind. After all, running your business requires reasonable cost estimating to plump up that bottom line. Here, Lebanon Federal Credit Union shares best practices to calculate financial projections and grow your business.

Recurring Costs

Those recurring costs can add up and set you back each month. Following are the main types of regular expenses to watch out for:

  • Software subscriptions: From accounting tools to CRM software, you’re likely investing in various tech tools to grow your business.
  • Taxes: A high recurring cost for most businesses is business tax, so estimate that to fully understand your regular expenses.
  • Government fees: This includes paying for licenses, permits, and other services.

Keeping Costs Down

Once you’ve identified your recurring costs, it will be time to determine where to cut them to keep your costs low.

  • Automation: Streamlining operations by eliminating redundant tasks and automating specific tasks can help keep costs low.
  • Pricing: It will be critical to price your products or services correctly – be sure to eliminate guesswork, and include all costs in your estimation.
  • Cash flow planning: To accurately forecast finances, it will be critical to have strategies to manage a healthy cash flow.

FreeFinancial Tools

Use all the free resources available to take your projections to the next level. Some favorite free financial tools include:

  • Invoicing software: An invoice generator will help ensure your customers pay you in full and on time.
  • Budgeting tools: Creating and sticking to a realistic budget will be essential for financial success, so be sure to use budgeting tools to aid the process.
  • Payroll management system: Streamlining the payroll process can help eliminate costly inefficiencies.

Managing your finances doesn’t need to be complicated or stressful. Instead, adopt these essential strategies to better estimate your costs and keep them down today. Your bottom line will never look better!

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Author: Christopher Haymon

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